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Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie Man, and many other names given to the mythical giant bipedal ape-man that reportedly roams the mountain regions of North America, Europe, Asia and even Australia.

Over the last half century, several thousand of eyewitness reports of Bigfoot sightings, footprints, images, video and other circumstantial evidence have been accumulated. Many of these are hoaxes. And many others remain unclear of its authenticity. The large numbers of sighting reports is not something to be ignored with disbelieve without any explanation. But is this hairy hominid really exists? Mouth report of sightings, blur pictures or films, footprints and other indirect evidence is not enough to prove anything.

The earliest description or report of Bigfoot dated back as early as 1920s. And continue until today. The best evidence for the existence of Bigfoot to date is the Patterson-Gimlin film footage taken on October 20, 1967 at Bluff Creek, California.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film Footage

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed this Bigfoot with a 16-mm camera. The film showed a female Bigfoot - breasts are evident in parts of the clip - walking along a sandbar in broad daylight. This is the only film evidence to date that is corroborated with tracks plus anatomical details and motion of the filmed Bigfoot is consistent with other digitally enhanced film analysis. It has stood up to rigorous scientific examination, and the general science communities call the film authentic.

This Bigfoot sighting experience at Bluff Creek was highly unique for three main reasons. First, there were two witnesses to the event, so their stories could be cross-checked. Second, there was photographic evidence in the form of the movie Patterson took which could be analyzed. Third, the men had plaster casts of the footprints made by the creature to further confirm the sighting. Moreover, many of the footprints at the film site remained intact and could be seen, photographed and cast by other researchers. All of this evidence was certainly very credible.

The film has been analyzed by Russia hominologists from Smolin research group, particularly on the walking pattern based on the film speed of the Bigfoot. Their conclusion is that human could not duplicate the creature's walking pattern in the film. Further more, they discovered from the left sole showed by the creature in the film, to have details matching the plaster cast. They have thus concluded the film was not a hoax.

The North American Science Institute (NASI) Report, Towards a Resolution of the Bigfoot Phenomenon , prepared by Mr. Jeff Glickman a forensic examiner, was released in June, 1998. The main report findings applicable to the Patterson/Gimlin may be summarized as follows:
Measurements of the creature: Height: 7-feet, 3.5-inches; Waist: 81.3-inches; Chest: 83-inches; Weight: 1,957 pounds; Length of arms: 43-inches; Length of legs: 40-inches.
The length of the creature's arms is virtually beyond human standards, possibly occurring in one out of 52.5 million people.
The length of the creature's legs is unusual by human standards, possibly occurring in one out of 1,000 people.

Nothing was found indicating the creature was a man in a costume (i.e., no seam or interfaces).
Hand movement indicates flexible hands. This condition implies that the arm would have to support flexion in the hands. An artificial arm with hand movement ability was probably beyond the technology available in 1967.
Preliminary findings indicate that the forward motion part of the creature's walking pattern could not be duplicated by a human being.
Rippling of the creature's flesh or fat on its right side was observed indicating that a costume is highly improbable.
The creature's feet undergo flexion like a real foot. This finding eliminates the possibility of fabricated solid foot apparatus. It also implies that the leg would have to support flexion in the foot. An artificial leg with foot movement ability was probably beyond the technology available in 1967.
The appearance and sophistication of the creature's musculature are beyond costumes used in the entertainment industry.
Non-uniformity in hair texture, length, and coloration is inconsistent with sophisticated costumes used in the entertainment industry. Mr. Glickman closes his scientific findings with the following statement: "Despite three years of rigorous examination by the author, the Patterson-Gimlin film cannot be demonstrated to be a forgery at this time."

The enlargement of the film.

The enlarged and enhanced image of the Bigfoot facial.

The artist re-draw of the Bigfoot face.

Glickman's estimates of the creatures height and weight caused a lot of controversy. There are some other scientists that estimated the creature's standing height did not exceed 6.5 ft. and cast doubt over other physical measurements (chest, waist, arms, legs) established by Glickman.

The film's authenticity has been hotly debated for 40 years. Along this period, there are many parties that came forward with details to reveal the film a hoax. The recent incident in 2004 including people confessed to be the man in the Bigfoot costume; The maker of the costume; and other eyewitnesses have come forth with corroborating evidence. However, to prove it a hoax seems no easier than proving the existence of Bigfoot. Many Bigfoot researchers are not convinced. The arguments continue....

Mountain-climber found a well-preserved furry limb of Yeti

In year 2003, a mountain-climber found a furry limb of a mystery animal some 3500m up in the permafrost of the Altay mountains in Russia's remote Siberia region.

Scientific tests and X-rays show the bones are several thousand years old, but attempts to identify the creature remain inconclusive.

"It looks very human, there are many similarities." Yuriy Malofeyev, vice-president of the Russia association of veterinary anatomists told the TV after examining the X-rays.

Further followup report on this finding was not found on the internet. I was wondering wouldn't a DNA test could easily confirm what animal it belongs to. But the limb looks more like a bear paw to my lay-man eyes, definitely doesn't look like human....

The Malaysia's Orang Mawas / Orang Pendek

Do you believe there is a Bigfoot out there somewhere? Or it is mere fiction....?

Let's wait and see if someone could one day prove it beyond doubt......